For Whom

Staff nurses with GNM qualification and work experience who wants to upgrade their skills and knowledge will find this course immensely suitable.

Successful candidates with PB B.Sc certificates are treated as nurses with B.Sc qualification. So staff nurses who want to grow in their career but find that lack of education is an obstacle in their way ahead can join this course to overcome this problem.

After completing the PB B.Sc course the nurses can join PG course immediately. Unlike B.Sc qualified nurses, they do not have to wait for one year of work experience to be eligible for PG course.

Eligibility Criteria

  • As per INC norm any GNM qualified nurse is eligible to join this course.

Annual Intake

Fortis Institute of Nursing, Bangalore has got INC permission to take 40 admissions in PB B.Sc Course.

Course Duration

2 academic years

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