For Whom

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

Change is the only constant!

Welcome to changes!!

Changes are all around. Between the first edition of this website and today barely there is any company or anybody who has not been affected by changes. Much regarded Fortis Institute of Nursing is no exception. Nor is its website!

We are proud to announce that Fortis Institute of Nursing is now a part of the prestigious Fortis Hospitals Ltd . Highlights of this group are

  • With 45 hospitals across the country, Fortis group is the largest health care group in India
  • Fortis Group is one of the largest healthcare groups in Asia also
  • Four hospitals in the chain at Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and Mohali are JCI accredited
  • Seven new hospitals across the country and one state of the art Health City in Gurgaon are under construction
  • Patients from 33 countries have been treated at Fortis facilities
  • The beneficiaries of this change are the nursing students at the Institute. During their study they get exposure to world class clinical environment and after successful completion of study several opportunities to work for this dynamic group. Very few nursing students can claim to have this kind of advantage from day one of their study.

    What have not changed, however, are the core values that the Institute believes in and the experienced management team that constantly guides the Institute towards excellence. By being a part of this larger and dynamic group this change has afforded a rare opportunity to the Institute to set newer benchmarks in the history of nursing education.

    We changed to perform better. We changed to serve our students better. We changed so that our students are better prepared to face a changing world.

    Our best wishes to all our students in their journey to a rewarding career in nursing profession.

    Good luck!

    Management Team,

    Fortis Institute of Nursing,